Monday, February 22, 2010


Its FINALLY here, Avant L'orage, the mixtape from Gameboy and C-Plus. Like I said a few post down this is just a warm up for the ALBUM "Saving Sacramento" coming soon from the duo. Needless to say its dope, which is what you have come to expect from Game and Plus. Oh, I'm on that thang too! So do yourself a favor and click that link:

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Here's the 1st leak from THE COMEDOWN, a compilation put together by one of the dopest producers from Sac, Easy. The album, which features all of Sacramento's best (#theallstarcast) was produced entirely by Easy and Interscope's very own Dru Scott. I've see this song performed by Gameboy and C-Plus a few times, and the energy is crazy. This is the first time I've heard the complete song with the verse from P.O.J on it and he killed it. Basically its what you always expect from #thecast, dope music. Do yourself a favor and download this asap

I wrote a letter... started it "Dear Love..."

I am lucky enough to be close to Gameboy and his recording process. I get to soak up all the knowledge he can give, and it also helps that I'm around such talented artists because it kinda forces me to keep up and keep getting better. With all that said I've heard some AMAZING music from the #AllStarCast but this is DEFINATELY one of my favorites. Game produced this himself and gives the world a treat for Valentine's Day. This is from his debut album EVERYBODY'S LISTENING coming soon. Trust me when I say this, this album will be one of the albums of the year. Its dope enough to go toe to toe with any project that will be released this yea: indie, major label and everything in between. Do yourself a favor and download this song,


The anticipated mixtape from C-Plus and Gameboy will be released Monday (Feb.22) as a prelaude to their album "Saving Sacramento." Be sure to check em out Monday night on ATF Radio here or if you're in Sac (and surrounding areas) on 90.3 FM. Here are the 1st two releases from the tape, the 1st on the Dirty Money "Love Comes Down" beat, and I know these are my friends but they MURDERED that beat. The 2nd one is on the Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" beat, and "I know what yal thinkin, no these niggas didn't." But they did, and I think it's dope when emcee's get on different beats than people would expect. So do yourself a fair one, download these. (Click the pix to download)

"See, I aint gon use the B-word..."

Here's the new release from The Usual Suspects. An entire project dedicated to gift and the curse that is the opposite sex. This is the 2nd time the crew has dropped a project on Valentine's Day (hence the "2"). This is dope music... do yourself a favor and download it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"This one for myself and my city"

Here we got my youngin Chaz KILLING the Gucci lemonade beat. This is off his DEBUT mixtape "Perfect 10" coming in March (I'm on that thang!). Be on the look out for this young dude forreal forreal. Oh and the dope artwork is by Dunnie.

Welcome to New York City

Ouch (Remix)

Melo don't be bullshittin. GREAT game.